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Penny Beers For A Year


  • Only one entry per person allowed
  • You must be a follower on The Stackz Co Instagram and Facebook
  • You must tag 3 friends on Instagram or Facebook in the comments section of the campaign post
  • The friends tagged must have their Instagram accounts set to public status
  • No gifting, the winner will be the only one eligible for the penny beers. In other words, you must enjoy a sud here and there to take advantage
  • Penny beer won for a year consist of (1) single 16oz beer of choice per day during normal posted business hours
  • Choice will consist of whatever is on tap for that day
  • No special requests, choice is made by choosing a selection on tap
  • No purchase necessary but it would be cool if you bought something while you were here. 🙂
  • The term year consist of the commencement date of April 7, 2019 and the end date of April 7, 2020
  • Days Excluded will be all days The Stackz Co. is closed normally and outside of normal operating hours. Those said days are the following but not limited to, Sundays, Holidays and whatever day we choose to close during this one year term. In other words, we reserve the right to close on any particular day but that does not mean your free beer for that day will carry over to another. Good luck to everyone entering the penny beer for a year campaign!
  • Lastly, we will not sell or give away any of your information. We will shoot you a promo every once in a while if that’s cool. If not, don’t enter, simple as that. 🙂