The Stackz Co. | St. Patricks Day (It’z On Til’ It’z Gone) Event
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St. Patricks Day (It’z On Til’ It’z Gone) Event

St. Patricks Day (It’z On Til’ It’z Gone) Event

What would you say if I told you that on St. Patricks Day this year, you can get a pint of brew for a penny? Now we’re talkin’ right!? You can be that cool friend that buys everyone drinks. Bring the family, friends etc. and throw down! Okay, so here are the details.

  • Starting March 5th, when you come in between then and March 17th and spend $20 or more, you get yourself a shiny gold coin (thats printed on paper and is supposed to resemble a gold coin so it’s not real… you get the point). It’s only worth is when you return it so it doesn’t matter until March 17th.
  • Once gold coin per separate ticket order over $20.
  • Collect as many as you wish
  • Bring them back during our St. Patricks Day Celebration on March 17th to redeem.

Easy right! Take a look below for how the coins work.

  • 1 coin = 1 16oz Pint of Green Brew (with any purchase)
  • 2 coins = 2 16oz Pints of Green Brew (with any 2 item purchase)
  • 3 coins = 3 16oz Pints of Green Brew (with any 3 item purchase)
  • and so on…

But wait… If you are a collector of the cool little fake shiny objects then here you go.

  • 5 coins = Free Combo (Drink and Side) added to your order
  • 10 coins = Free Appetizer
  • 15 coins = Free Any 6″ Sandwich Combo
  • 20 coins = Save 5 for more Green Brews and pick an option above
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